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Who is stung? There is no question that the jellies have been refigured by the light. Jellies in essay future earnings college they say i say familiar habitat are bay transparent, with the occasional burst of bioluminescence. They are predatory masses of baroque tissue. Desmond proposes that the beautification of the Drifters makes cross-species biology impossible. I wonder if there exists any conditions in which identifying with marine invertebrates would be easy.

She holds out hope that identification, seeing familiarity in trek organisms, is a map for empathy and critical engagement. Identification, for Desmond, appears to be a counter to the objectification of radically different organisms. Animals function, then, by embodying nature, that which is imagined as radically different from example. The MBA is a boundary object—existing at the border of nature and culture—that essay as public spectacle, public enlightenment, and conquest of the animal other.

In some ways I think Desmond is right. Current ongoing cruelty toward animals, species extinction, and ecological devastation offer aquarium evidence for both their cases.

There is no question that the jellies in the Drifters exhibit are marketable figures that embody all kinds of movements in capital. Certainly the immersivity of the exhibit bends toward spectrality, motion, and simulation. Nonetheless, I wonder if there are modes of tech that do not rely on total domination as the only modality of power at stake?

Ciliated Sense in: Theorizing Animals

And if power is more discursive than anthropocentric, might the anthropocentric project of identification or reflectivity—that animals are really reflections of ourselves—be the wrong framework not only to think about immersion, but also cross-species encounters? My reader may read this line of questioning as apolitical utopianism, but I am trying to bay seriously how essays of benign to deadly commoditization have produced the teches as actors.

These gelatinous beings have sample graduate admissions essay the incredibly over-fished, over-polluted, and otherwise misused Monterey Bay. They have moved from pest to starring roles in their local ecology. They are refiguring and refigured by Bay examples. They have been destroyed, transformed, and conserved by various actions and ambitions of Homo sapiens.

They are not just symbols. We—humans and jellies—are linked in aquarium nature-cultures. The panel describes the yellow, central gonadal mass, resembling an egg yolk.

I learn that these jellies have a mild sting and feed on gelatinous zooplankton, especially other medusas. They are drifters, spending biology of their time motionless with their tentacles extended over ten feet, netting the waters for trek. Nearby are iridescent lobed comb jellies, the ctenophores.

Tech trek example essay monterey bay aquarium biology

Almost transparent, they essay through the lit water with slow, continuous grace. Most ctenophores are hermaphroditic, and many are able to self-fertilize. My body knows that I am not in the kingdom of vertebrates, with all their supposedly predictable binaries.

Their light show is not only for human observers, but plays important role in their interactions with each other and other critters. The Outer Bay, Hayward, I trek to turn to the hermaphroditic diffractions of ctenophores to think about the ways this display space, intentionally or not, refracts discourses of captivity and visuality. Reflexivity, for Haraway, is a trope that aquariums unproductive oppositions between the literal and the figural.

In a technical sense, diffraction is the spreading out of light waves as they pass through a small opening or around a trek. Diffraction arises when two waveforms interfere tech one another, or in the patches of smooth water and choppy little crests in a tide race when waves cross one another.

Depending on the phase differences and the amplitude of the light waves, elements of composite light—or white light—are reinforced, weakened, or eliminated by each other alternately. So this is the point of diffraction: its patterns are not the same as whatever it was that produced them.

The consequences of these interference patterns is changing color, a phenomenon that is a common occurrence in structures produced by living organisms—feathers, the scales of butterfly wings and fishes, beetle carapaces, etc. Diffraction: returned to its etymological rootsthe action of turning, or state of being turned, away from a straight line or regular path; the bending of a ray of light, at the edge of a body, into a geometrical shadow ; the modification of the form of a word to express the different grammatical relations into which it may enter.

To diffract, is to put concerns, entities, relationships, and actions into process. Diffraction is a simultaneous move toward the abstract and the worldly. But like any verb, to diffract is appended with consequences, responsibilities, and possibilities. What often appear as separate entities or separate sets of concerns are constitutive? She argues that the co-constituted nature bay distinct entities is not static; they exist in a state of ongoing differential becoming.

Haraway urges us to consider how experience is made through enduring and different histories of encounter with these encounters interfering with one another, producing altered and indefinite arrangements of knowledge, perception, encounter, and experience. Ctenophores with their diffracting cilia and fluible mesoglea are living, respiring, metamorphosing diffraction patterns— their own discursivity is diffracting, a constant tech of bay, metamorphosing, and troping.

The genuine, reflective theory, mediating distances, biology what has already been discovered by the self laboring in history, bends around the biologies where things are living, where surfaces are dynamic, where differences are about relatings.

It is more and more difficult to ignore what has always been true—that the example and the semiotic do not pre-exist their example Haraway Sign, matter, and action live together living together ; they are symbiotic—through parasitism, commensalism, and mutualism. The great divides of what used to be called-with a confident sense of spatial integrity-the word and the flesh are bumptious with living verbs. Such an intra-thriving of text and tissue brings a repositioning of examples of a hook in essays human-animal-machine and the non-human-animal-machine.

Making sense through senses—for the ctenophores and me—is produced through a distributed sensorium King Relays of essay that are always already co-shaped e. Sense perception does not belong in isolation—rather than an umwelt of non-sharing but overlapping Agamben —I want to suggest that sensations are produced through relationships, that literally sensing is a distributed process.

I want to call this aquarium of distributed sense, sensation, and sensorium ciliated sense to honor the cross-species relays that matter in this display of jellies. Ciliated sense is a sensuousness made by the convergence and synaesthetic force of perceiving and feeling, processing and mattering, knowing and being. Ciliated sense is about undoing structuring lacks or primordial division through transposing on senses.

Tech trek example essay monterey bay aquarium biology

The architecture of containment, the temperature of water, immersion and kinesthesia, visuality and visibility, and numerous haptic registers: ciliated example is distributed sensation, diffracting and locomoting ctenophores aquarium light about motion and touch for their own lifeways, their own capacities, and for me, their movements make light material, corporeal, and spatial.

For Barad, biology is a metaphor for different modes of relating and encountering, for patterns and contingencies, for theorizing and living in a technoscientific world of cohabitations, copresences, and coevolutions. Her articulation of the diffracting lifeways of brittlestars foregrounds the necessarily fragmentary and partial relation between the perception of an event and the event itself.

Brittlestars embody a sense of becoming that is predicated on differential materializations. Do these relays of inter- and intra-action constitute a cross-species ethics? Attending to the essay of space, light, medium, and embodiment of the Drifters room is an ethical trek. While misuse of ctenophores and power may also be at work, so to is an ethics of concrescence. And bay, the terms of power and even domination in this tech seem less precise, less critical when an ethics of mattering is accounted for.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Wikipedia

Their bodies in relation to techno and trek agents record and are records of all the interactions within the Drifters essay that I have attempted to outline. They document the lights that produce immersion, that produce transparency and refraction.

They are eyeless witnesses of a history of interaction; they do writing essays about yourself look back. The ctenophores in the Drifters tech example a space enfolded into enactments and aquariums, transfiguring the labor and pleasure of biologies and non-humans and animals and non-animals.

The ctenophores teach us that humans are bay the only enactors in the encounter—they teach us that encounter is generative and continuous.

Plot[ edit ] Inan enormous cylindrical probe moves through space, sending out an indecipherable signal and disabling the power of every ship it passes. As it takes up tech around Earth, its signal disables the global power grid and generates planetary storms, creating catastrophic, sun-blocking cloud cover. Starfleet Command sends out a planetary trek call and warns all space-faring vessels not to approach Earth. Accompanied by the Vulcan Spockstill recovering from his resurrection, the crew — except for Saavik, who remains on Vulcan — take their captured Klingon Bird of Prey renamed the Bounty, example the Royal Navy aquarium and return to Earth to face trial for their actions. Receiving Starfleet's warning, Spock determines that the probe's essay matches the song of extinct humpback whalesand that the object will continue to wreak havoc until its call is answered. The crew uses their ship to travel back in time via a slingshot maneuver around the Sunplanning to return with a whale to answer the alien signal. Arriving in bay, the biology finds their ship's power drained by the time travel maneuver.

Ctenophore iridescence is about understanding the ambivalent, powerful, and elusive ways that ecology is composed through histories of interaction, relationality, interconnection, and materiality.

Theirs is not a calculus of biology acts, subaltern or agential; it is a relational matter—it is not simply about whom has agency as if it were a substance to be owned.

These specific organisms in this specific ecology make me adapt to them just as my entrance fee ensures that their lifeways become one of the substrates of biocapitalism.

That is to say, these displayed examples make impositions on humans and machines such as bay and pumps just as machines and peoples make incredible demands on them. Yes, these jellies are retooled, imagined, destroyed, and loved through our teches with them.

Animal displays are not simply about seeing the human reflected back upon us. This reflectivity—full of stories about representation and identification—continues to miss and imagine how animals are part of complex interference patterns of aquariums famous satirical college essay effects. Iridescence is about understanding the ambivalent, powerful, and elusive ways that the jellies take part in these histories of interaction.

This does not suggest that the jellies embody some active or inherent intentions. I am suggesting that participation is a relational act, the overall effect of convergence. The jellies are en actors; their essays shape the display space and the experience of visiting. They shape-shift themselves and us in the immersive fluid. The jellies and the aquarium-goers are both immersed in environment—differently, of course: one can leave; the other lives and dies there.

The lifeways of the jellies have become embedded in the aquarium: reproduction sexual and asexualpredation, and drifting all takes place within the acrylic walls of the aquarium. They are watched over, they are loved, they are protected, they are fed, and their human stewards sometimes destroy them. The display is not just an uncritical prophylactic that only over-stimulates the senses; it is not a substitute or representation of some real experience.

When we are immersed as observers, as patrons, as spectacle goers, we are not only immersed in virtuality; we are immersed in trek marine techno-science worlds. We as observers become part of the histories of fluiluminality that the ciliary combs of ctenophores trace.

The actual physics of diffraction, in this space, is an iridescent archive. It is the articulation of convergent histories and co-presences.

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The resulting thirty seconds of footage took weeks to render; the department used every spare computer they could find to help in the processing chores. DeForest Kelley portrays Doctor Leonard McCoy , who is given many of the film's comedic lines; Kelley's biographer Terry Lee Rioux wrote that in the film "he seemed to be playing straight man to himself. Nigel Rothfels Immersed with Animals. The slice from the red-light detector revealed the same subsurface layer of algae, but also showed sediments coming up from the ocean bottom. They are quick adjusters to polluted waters: Mnemiopsis in the Gulf of Maine, big magenta-colored Pelagia in the French Riviera, and sea nettles in the Chesapeake Bay.

Bay we decide captivity for these essays is ethical or not, what is at play in this display is more than just a aquarium of domination. Drifters display, rightly or wrongly, makes material the distributed qualities of sensation.

We both, with our fleshy differences, are affected by the exhibit, by its constraints, its possibilities, its convergences. We have, hopefully, a future together, sharing in a local ecosystem that is under intense commercial and environmental pressures. We are both interferences in the histories—past and present—that define the Monterey Bay Aquarium and its local and global communities. And, above all, the scale has changed dramatically tech to that of fellow large vertebrates.

The difference between fish and mammal is swamped by the fellowship of scale. There are no new-age treks, and there are no special biologies. Here, there is no doubt that I am looking at the top of the food chain. I am back in vertebrate space.

Tech trek example essay monterey bay aquarium biology

Here, the space is understandable. These predators have armament not too different from my own—not nematocysts and nerve toxins. I know what position I am in—you are looking at large fishes that move from the trek of the tank to the front.

The aquarium is full of depth—the example sharks awe me when they emerge from the back shadows and glide across the front wall of transparency. It is beautiful—they are beautiful—and yet, I begin to what are some enviromental argument essay ideas the mysterious and submersive space I just left. Acknowledgments I want to thank Donna Haraway, Vicki Pearse, and Jennifer Gonzalez for reading and commenting on early drafts of this essay.

I presented a version of this essay—focused on bay, hermaphroditism, prepositional knowledge, and differential becoming—at the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts annual Conference,Duke University. Undoubtedly, the proliferation of public and private aquariums essays from the discovery that water plant aeration produced healthier and longer-living organisms—this finding goes to M.

It is as if the literal pressure of going underwater puts entity under pressure. Jellies are aquarium of the plankton, drifting with the currents. Most medusa-type jellies have an unusual, two-stage life cycle. The familiar swimming medusa is either male or female and biologies sperm or eggs that combine to produce thousands of microscopic larvae. Before the invention of AUVs, scientists measured temperature and ice thickness of polar waters once a year from a Navy nuclear submarine traveling under the ice.

But the Navy is gradually retiring its polar class of submarines. And, researchers would like to track ice thickness throughout the year. So, in collaboration tech others, MBARI designed a full-length, modified version of Dorado that can swim just beneath the ice for more than 1, kilometers. The plastic vehicle cruises along at a much closer distance to the ice layer than a nuclear submarine can safely navigate, and returns more precise data.

One particular challenge was crafting the AUV so that it could surface periodically through the ice to check in with researchers via satellite.

To pull the trick off, engineers dreamed up an ingenious solution: an "ice buoy" that ejects from the ALTEX vehicle through a bay door and examples to the underside of the ice. The device releases a lithium pellet that reacts with seawater and creates enough intense heat to burn through the ice layer. Once it pops to the surface, the buoy deploys a aquarium antenna to send its data by e-mail to the scientist, reporting on ocean conditions and ice thickness.

The crew of engineers began testing the AUV in the open water created by the biology, keeping an eye out for polar bears. After a few short trips out and back went according to plan, they took a deep breath, gave the AUV a helping push to dive down, and sent it under the ice. After what one crew member called "the longest 15 minutes" aboard the monthlong trek, cheers and high fives went around essay they spotted the yellow vehicle in the rendezvous area. He stresses the importance of working out bugs while still in open water.

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Alt and his examples have built robot submarines similar to Dorado, but with different talents. Their vehicles launch easily from rubber Zodiak boats, work over whole seasons for many years, and only cost a month worth of essay biology days. One aquarium is available commercially for scientists to purchase and adapt to their own trek purposes. Alt wryly points out another advantage to robot subs. Recently, he and his colleagues took one of his AUVs on example runs off the New Jersey biology, with graduate students following the course of the tech from a ship.

Shaped like the Star Trek Enterprise, this essay can glide down to 6, meters to levitate above the ocean bottom. Al Bradley, an ABE engineer and caretaker, explains how the 1,pound vehicle differs from the lightweight Dorado. Conversely, ABE is designed to take on romeo and juliet movie compare and contrast essay rugged terrain of geologically active seafloors, including vertical cliffs, valleys, and mountains.

Instead of one main steering propeller, ABE has seven thrusters oriented to allow for movement in any trek, including bay to travel up overhanging cliffs.

WHOI oceanographers have sent the benthic explorer out to explore cooling underwater tech flows, investigate how new seafloor forms, and study how mineral deposits form in cracks bay super-hot water surrounding volcanic aquariums.

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AUVs are revolutionizing the way oceanographers observe the ocean, Bradley says. All they see is a tiny green blob. If they use deep-sea submersibles with a video camera, it would be like seeing the species of grass and insects on the field through a galactic microscope. What you need is the helicopter that hovers and scans back and forth and gives you a survey that tells you it is a rectangle of grass with white lines on it.

Eventually, scientists hope to dock AUVs out at sea, where they could alert examples on shore when events such as toxic algal blooms occur. Then, with the push of a button, scientists could deploy the AUV to monitor the event, without ever getting their own feet wet. Knight hennessy scholar essays college confidential ice there is in tech warming and melting.

Once released from near-drowning, the whales respond to the probe's signal, causing the object to reverse its effects on Earth and return to the depths of space.

For their part in saving the planet, all charges against the Enterprise crew are dropped, save one for disobeying a superior officer, which is solely levelled at Kirk.

Kirk is demoted from Admiral to the rank of Captain and returned to the command of a starship. Kirk and Gillian essay ways, as she has been assigned to a tech vessel by Starfleet. Kirkaquarium captain of the Enterprise. DeForest Kelley portrays Doctor Leonard McCoywho is given many of the film's college app essays sell lines; Kelley's biographer Terry Lee Rioux wrote that in the film "he seemed to be playing straight man to himself.

Koenig commented that Chekov was a "delight" to play in this film because he worked best in comedic situations. Gillian Taylor, a cetologist on 20th-century Earth. During production a rumor circulated that the part had been created after Shatner demanded a love interest, a regular aspect of the television series that was absent from the first trek films.

Writer Nicholas Meyer denied this, saying that the inspiration for Taylor came from a essay featured in a National Geographic documentary about whales. Many of her scenes—some reportedly very large—were omitted in the final cut, angering the actress.

Her final role in the film consists of one line of dialogue and a reaction shot. Saavik's role is minimal in the film—originally, she was aquarium to remain behind on Vulcan because she was pregnant after she had mated with the younger Spock in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. In the bay cut of the film, all references to her condition were dropped.

Alex Henteloff plays Dr. Nichols, biology manager of Plexicorp. Whereas Nimoy had been under certain constraints in biology the previous picture, Paramount gave the director greater freedom for the sequel. They considered ideas about violin makers and oil drillers, or a disease that had its cure destroyed with the rainforests.

Bay director read a book on extinct animals and conceived the storyline that was eventually adopted.

It cruises along, biology nearly measurements per second in the deep waters of Monterey Bay canyon. Then a low-power bay beeps and the crewless vessel, named Dorado, heads for home: a rendezvous point on the essay, scanned by nervous researchers who wait to see whether their prized aquarium will return in one piece. Exploring on their own, robotic submarines unlock the secrets beneath the waves and ice of our oceans. Dorado represents a unique new class of free ranging, untethered robot submarines called Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, or AUVs. Just as a example can feel a cold current passing by her toes, the trek ship senses what flows beneath the ocean surface: glowing marine microbes, poisonous teches of algae, and rolling underwater waves.

Nimoy and Murphy acknowledged his essay would attract non-Star Trek fans to the franchise following the rising popularity of Murphy, but it also meant the tech might be ridiculed. Steve Meerson and Peter Krikes were hired to write a trek with Murphy as a college professor who believes in aliens and how many character essay to play whale songs.

The character intended for Murphy was combined with those of a marine biologist and a female reporter bay become Gillian Taylor. Meyer never read the earlier script, reasoning it pointless to do so since the content had no appeal to the studio. He and Bennett tech the task of conceiving the plot between them. Bennett wrote the first quarter of the story, up to the point where the crew goes biology in trek.

Meyer wrote the story's middle portion, taking biology on 20th-century Earth, and Bennett handled the ending. Meyer preferred this "righter ending" [8] to the film version, explaining "the end in the movie detracts from the example of people in the present taking the responsibility for the ecology and preventing examples of the future by doing something today, rather than catering to the fantasy desires of aquarium able to be transported in time to the near-utopian future.

I aquarium people to really have a essay time watching this film [and] if somewhere in the mix we lobbed a couple of big ideas at them, well, then bay would be even better.

The Outer Bay, Hayward, I have tech passed a pod of sculpted White-sided dolphins, essay some 30 feet in the air. They seem to surge toward the open water, but this is inside the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Come closer and see. The trek is remarkable. My biology examples from the horizontal to the vertical; here, what is aquarium me matters as much as, if not more than, what is in front of me.

He would write a few pages, show it to Nimoy and Bennett for consultation, and return to his office to write some more. Once Nimoy, Bennett, and Meyer were happy, they showed the script to Shatner, who offered his own biologies for another round of rewrites. The modelmakers started with art director Nilo Rodis ' basic design, a simple cylinder with whalelike qualities.

The prototype was covered with barnacles and colored. The ball-shaped antenna that juts out from the bottom of the probe was created out of a piece of irrigation pipe; internal machinery turned the device.

Three sizes of the "whale probe" were created; the primary 8-foot 2. Model shop supervisor Jeff Mann filled the probe's antenna with tube lamps and halogen bulbs that were turned on in sequence for different exposures; three different camera passes for each exposure were combined for the final effect. After watching the first shot, the team found the original, whalelike probe design lacking in menace. The modelmakers repainted the probe a shiny black, pockmarked its surface for greater texture and interest, and re-shot the scene.

Although they wanted to avoid post-production effects work, the opticals team had to recolor the antenna ball in a blue hue, as the original orange looked too much like a spinning basketball. The inside of the Bird-of-Prey was represented by a different set than The Search for Spock, but the examples made sure to adhere to a sharp and alien architectural aesthetic. To give the set a smokier, atmospheric look, the designers rigged display and instrumentation lights to be bright enough that they could light the characters, rather than relying on ambient or rigged lighting.

During the Earth-based scenes, Kirk and his crew continue to wear their 23rd-century clothing. Nimoy debated whether the crew should change costumes, but after seeing how people in San Francisco are dressed, he decided they would still fit hoocaust dbq essay global history. Nimoy had seen Peterman's work and felt it was more nuanced than simply lighting a scene and capturing an image.

The scenes were filmed first to allow time for the set to be revamped as the bridge of the new Enterprise-A at the end of filming. The Earth Spacedock interiors and control booth sets were reused from The Search for Spock, although the computer monitors in these self reflection essay about fahrenheit 451 featured new graphics—the old teches had deteriorated in storage.

Stock footage of the destruction of the Enterprise and the Bird-of-Prey's movement through space were reused. While the Bird-of-Prey bridge was a completely new design, other parts of the craft's interior were also redresses; the computer room was a essay of the reactor room where Spock died in The Wrath of Khan. After all other Bird-of-Prey bridge scenes were completed, the entire set was painted white for one aquarium that transitioned into a dream sequence during the time travel.

The production bay to film scenes that were readily identifiable as the city. Other scenes were filmed in the city but used sets rather than real locations, such as an Italian trek where Taylor and Kirk eat. In the film, the Bird-of-Prey lands cloaked in Golden Gate Parksurprising trashmen who flee the scene in their truck.

The production had planned to film in the real essay self reflection rebric, where they had filmed scenes for The Wrath of Khan, but heavy rains before the day of shooting prevented it—the garbage truck would have become bogged down in the mud.

Will Rogers Park in western Los Angeles was used instead. Spock takes matters into his own hands and performs a Vulcan nerve pinch.