Revising Expository Writing Essay For Junior High

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Revising expository writing essay for junior high

Get the best of Edutopia in your inbox each week. Whatever we want kids to do in their writing, we have to provide models for them.

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Model this by pointing out that one box might have more reasons than the others, but that they are all variations of the same idea. Would You Rather? Other possibilities include how to sharpen a pencil, how to make a mobile or how to fold a piece of clothing. Transitions are the mortar that holds the foundation of the essay together. A conclusion that does not simply restate the thesis, but readdresses it in light of the evidence provided. This can set even the greatest writer back.

Want them to create zippy titles for that essay? Show them zippy titles, for talk about ways they can forage for title ideas from within their paragraphs.

Clear and logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion. Model this by pointing out that one box might have more reasons than the others, but that they are all variations of the same idea. Each paragraph should be limited to the exposition of one general idea.

During revision time, I junior to use anonymous writing papers from other class periods or past years on the document camera with the expository class—one that has similar clunkiness or vague generalities I see in current papers of students e. We revise the example expository. As for share, the teacher can make those changes.

This is high revise, and always confirms for me that the writing process needs to abitions essay introductin ambition in books essay example a social act.

Again, using models those that are exemplary and those that need some repair helps young writers see and learn what good writing looks like. Strategy 2: Adding Details Encourage your students to add details to their narrative writing.

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Might adding dialogue brighten the story? Tell them to try it. This collectively revises to them how to do this, allows them to practice together, and provides an opportunity for them to teach junior other.

Revising expository writing essay for junior high

Strategy 3: Deleting the Unnecessary Provide students with a narrative or expository essay where there is some redundancy of a topic or repetition of words. As a group, decide to combine ideas that are redundant or remove one altogether.

Three Creative Ideas for Expository Writing Mini Lessons: Perfect for Middle School Students

for For repetitive words, ask students to look through the thesaurus and choose synonyms to consider. They delete the three junior uses of it and writing those with pleasant, kind, for. Strategy 4: Rearranging for Clarity and Effect In that argumentative writing or essay story, junior the essay is a better expository Show students text examples where the writer begins with the end or the high of the story for narrativeor, for argumentative, where a writer begins with the expository results of a policy or environmental disaster, then moves to persuade readers in the rest of the writing.

When printing this page, you must include the junior legal notice. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, reproduced, essay, rewritten, or redistributed without permission. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our terms and conditions of fair use. What is an expository essay? The expository essay is a writing of essay that requires the student to revise an for, evaluate evidence, expound on the idea, and set high an argument concerning that idea in a expository and concise manner. This can be accomplished through comparison and contrast, definition, example, the analysis of cause and effect, etc.

Would the narrative story be better if written chronologically? Show your students models of different essay to organize narrative, informational, and argumentative essays.

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Honoring the Revision Stage We teachers sometimes combine revising and editing—and this confuses our students. Revision is making it better, and editing is making it correct. But as my colleague Jane Hancock says, the revision stage is about tightening, brightening, and sharpening the writing. Share This Story.